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Tribes of Midgard – How to Get Cut Stone

Build the Farm, Quarry, or Lumberyard

by William Schwartz


In Tribes of Midgard when you’re attempting to rebuild the lumber yard, quarry, or farm area some of the key ingredients that you need are Cut Stone.  In this guide we’ll explain where to get Wrought Iron and what you need to get it.  There are many different things that can be built if you’ve got the right materials.  All will help you last just a little bit longer when the Jotnar and Helthing’s arrive at your village.

How to Get Cut Stone

Wrought Iron can be crafted by Eyrun the Tinker who can be found in your village.  To get the option to be able to have the Tinker craft these items you actually need to level up this vendor to level 3.  This will require 750 souls straight away.  Then you’ll need a lot of Stone and Flint.  You’ll need 8 Stone and 6 Flint for one piece of Cut Stone.

  • Head to Eyrun the Tinker
  • Upgrade Vendor to Level 3
  • Use Stone and Flint to combine into Cut Stone

Where is Eyrun the Tinker?

Eyrun can be found in your village.  The icon looks like a pickaxe and a saw and it’s on the West Side of the village.  Interact with Eyrun and make sure to tab over from her initial menu options.  The bag on the end of her menu is the list that you’ll need to be in in order to craft these items.

The Tinker will allow you to do many things, including upgrading your tools, purchase arrows, or build new constructions.  Getting that Wrought Iron will allow you to build out the Farm, Quarry, or Lumber Yard.  Each of these buildings will automatically supply your village with a certain type of material, whether that’s things like leather, rocks and minerals, or wood by putting into your War Chest.

- This article was updated on July 30th, 2021

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