Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt Which Class Should You Choose

Each class has unique powers and abilities that fit many playstyles.

by Chris Park


Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt is a new Battle Royale game which features pvpve (Player vs. Player vs. Enemy) gameplay in which you assume the role of a vampire looking to become the last person standing.  However, picking the right class is going to give you unique abilities during the match.  The class you should pick should largely be aligned with your playstyle and each archetype is very different from the others.  In this guide we’re going to go over the different archetype classes in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt.

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt Classes


Brute  -The Brute comes to the defense of their allies while keeping enemies at bay.

  • Clan Power – Soaring Leap – Allows for a powerful jump forward
  • Passive Power – True Grit – The Brute replenishes up to half of their health while not taking damage
  • Archetype Power – Shockwave Punch – Unleash a shockwave capable of deflecting bullets


Vandal – Immense strength is channeled through the fist of the Vandal, making them bring the combat up close and personal with enhanced durability and crushing force.

  • Clan Power – Soaring Leap – Perform a powerful jump forward
  • Passive Power – Adrenaline Rush – Gain moderate damage resistance when in close vicinity of enemies
  • Archetype Power – Earth Shock – Leap forward and crash upon the ground dealing damage and hurling enemies upwards


Saboteur – Shifting through the shadows, the saboteur utilizes defensive contraptions to punish reckless enemies

  • Clan Power – Vanish – Become invisible and move rapidly for a brief duration
  • Passive Power – Unseen Passage – Turn semi-invisible when crouching
  • Archetype Power – Sewer Bomb – Throw a bomb that explodes and releases toxic gas when approached by enemies


Prowler – By mastering creatures of nature as well as the beast within, the Prowler gains unparalleled abilities to track and reveal their enemies.

  • Clan Power – Vanish – Become invisible and move rapidly for a brief duration
  • Passive Power – Sense the Beast – Severely wounded enemies leave a trail that reveals their recent movement
  • Archetype Power – Scounting Famulus – Send out bats to scout an area, temporarily revealing enemies through walls.


Siren – Sirens are always looking for the next opportunity to leave enemies blinded by the mere sight of their beauty.

  • Clan Power – Projection/Dash – Send out a projection of yourself, which you can dash to.
  • Passive Power – Kindred Charm – Civilians become charmed which allows faster feeding.
  • Archetype Power – Blinding Beauty – Slowly erupt into pure beauty, blinding and damaging all nearby enemies


Muse – Whenever allies falter, the Muse runs to the rescue and inspires them back into the fray through their enchanting song.

  • Clan Power – Projection/Dash – Send out a projection of yourself, which you can dash to.
  • Passive Power – Final Act – When downed, the Muse regenerates slightly faster and their cooldowns are instantly refreshed.
  • Archetype Power – Rejuvenating Voice – Enter restorative state that heals yourself and nearby allies.


Enforcer – The resolute will of the Enforcer disrupts enemy minds into a state of submission and disarray, crippling their usual prowess.

  • Clan Power – Flash of Marble – Harden your skin for a brief duration becoming invulnerable.
  • Passive Power – Subjugating Presence – Nearby enemies have their movement speed slowed.  The Ventrue is alerted when enemy is in their presence.
  • Archetype Power – Unyielding Charge – Rush forward dealing moderate damage and silencing enemies for a brief duration.

Best Class in Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt

As you can see from the profile descriptions above, there’s not going to be one single class that is the “best” out of the gate.  It really depends on what your playstyle is.  If you prefer to play stealthy, you might want to select a character like the Prowler or Saboteur.  More offensive minded players may choose something like the Brute.  Those looking for more special powers could look to characters like the Enforcer.  However, there are perks that can be unlocked as well to balance out your characters as you progress.  It also depends on which game mode you are playing.  If you’re playing Bloodhunt with friends, you might want to take a complementary character that can help your team with support features like the Muse or Siren.

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt is now available and can be downloaded for free on Steam and PlayStation 5.

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