Wordle #316 Hints and Answer for Sunday, May 1

A peculiar opening for the month of May.

by Elliott Gatica


The month of April has concluded, giving us many doozies of words for Wordle. The trend continues, with a rather interesting opener for May. If at some point, it feels as if your memory of five-letter words is coming to an end, do not worry. We have the hints and answer for today’s Wordle (Sunday, May 1, 2022). The word will be revealed after the hints.

Hints for Wordle May 1

Here are some vague hints to not outright give you the answer, but layout the structure for today’s word.

  • This word means to give up, to renounce.
  • It is a verb.
  • The word uses one vowel in the middle and end.
  • The vowel is used twice in the word.
  • The word starts with a consonant.

Today’s Wordle Answer

If today’s hints were not enough to give you the word, the answer is listed below.


The answer to the May 1 Wordle is FORGO.

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a word-guessing game akin to Wheel of Fortune where you lay out words that may or may not fit in the allotted spaces. You have six guesses, but you are given deductive hints throughout.

Your word will be highlighted in three different color boxes.

  • If the word you wrote has letters in green boxes, that means those letters exist in the word of the day and are in the correct position.
  • Letters in yellow mean you guessed them right, but they are used elsewhere in the word.
  • Letters in grey mean that they do not exist in the correct word.

The optimal strategy is to always open up with your first two guesses that have a lot of vowels. Then, you’d ideally want to rule out letters that you have not previously used, making it easier to deduce what the word will be, given the pool of letters left. You should also note that you cannot simply put in random gibberish to rule anything out. Every answer has to exist in the English language.

You can play Wordle for free on a smartphone or PC via the New York Times.

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