Berserk Chapter 376 Release Date Window
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Berserk Chapter 376 Release Date Window and Chapter 375 Spoilers

Berserk has treated us with surprisingly another installment this fall. With it, we get a glimmer of hope for the Black Swordsman Party coming off the Seahorse to dry land. Read on for the latest updates on the release date window for Berserk Chapter 376!

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Berserk Chapter 376 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

Berserk Chapter 376 will not release another new chapter in 2023, with the earliest possible release date being January 26, 2024. Given the recent pattern of delays between chapters, this date is likely subject to change. As the series is published in Young Animal magazine in Japan before its chapters are localized in the West later, we will keep you posted with any updates.

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For now, we can rest assured that the series has gotten over its most recent drought, with fans getting only one chapter before the beginning of Summer 2023 until September. With the news of a fan adaptation underway along with its undying fan support.

Berserk Chapter 375 Recap

This latest chapter has been the most substantial one in a short while in terms of setting the story’s direction. The Kushans, along with Daiba, appear to have seized the Seahorse due to them seemingly being a Western warship. Despite this, they’re not the Falconian threat but identified as refugees of the Great Roar of the Astral World’s aftermath.

It’s here that Guts’ captivity becomes a clear case of the misunderstanding being a delicate one, where they didn’t want to provoke him into awakening the Berserker armor. But in his current despondent state, it’s difficult for him to even have the will to stand. It’s here that Rickert reveals himself among the Kushans to clear things up, as the Kushans are on edge in their period of upheaval.

However, as the Seahorse still is in Kushan waters, this capture was inevitable for their security. For now, the Black Swordsman Party is safe in tow among the Kushans, as they sail to a shining city on the shore. Thus continues the Eastern Exile story!

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