Berserk Chapter 374 Release Date and Chapter 373 Spoilers

Learn here about the Berserk Chapter 374 release date!

by J.R. Waugh
Berserk Chapter 374 Release
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Berserk has been on a bit of a roll, lately. The series is known for its hiatuses, and unsurprisingly so, as it’s an extremely demanding story with phenomenal artwork. But it’s difficult to say how long this pattern will hold, and whether fans will have to wait awhile again before the next installment. Read here for updates on the Berserk Chapter 374 release date!

Berserk Chapter 374 Release Date

Berserk Chapter 374 will finally release on September 22, 2023. Reputable insider leakers such as Manga Mogora RE have recently posted about the series having a hiatus, with this latest one lasting through June, July, August, and now part of September 2023. However, this hiatus is finally over, and we will be treated with a color page as well!

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For those who don’t know, Berserks publication is through the Young Animal magazine, which releases every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. Due to the chapter issuing a “to be continued” caption at the end with no planned release date, we’re forced to wait until more information is revealed with releases like the most recent chapter.

Berserk Chapter 373 Recap, Spoilers, and What to Expect in Chapter 374

Guts continues through another struggle with the Beast who threatens to overtake his body. This internal battle has been going on for several chapters after Guts was unable to prevent Casca’s recent abduction, his torment being drawn out below decks on the Seahorse.

Meanwhile, Schierke initiates her search for Casca using astral projection, while Kushan Empire soldiers board the ship. The last moment shows us a glimpse of a defeated Guts, lying face-down on the floor.

It’s tough to say what to expect with the release of Berserk Chapter 374. Will Guts give in to the Beast, knowing he’s otherwise not nearly powerful enough to defeat Griffith? Will Schierke find Casca in time? Are the Kushan soldiers the good variety, and is a reunion imminent? Are they sparing those aboard as potential assets instead? But with the news of this being the beginning of a new arc, there will likely soon be even more questions to follow.

- This article was updated on September 8th, 2023

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