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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Manga Release Date Schedule 2023: When You Can Expect New Chapters

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is yet another series this year bolstered by a fantastic anime to become an instant addition among casual and longtime manga readers. It follows a wholesome and original premise as Frieren, an immortal elf mage, seeks to pay tribute to a beloved friend after realizing too late how important he was to her. If you want to keep up with this series and never miss a chapter, you’ll want to keep us as a resource. Check out this Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End manga chapter release date schedule for 2023 and see when you can expect new chapters!

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Full Frieren Manga Chapter Release Date Schedule (2023)

Image: Shogakukan / VIZ Media

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End releases new chapters in Weekly Shonen Sunday, which releases every Wednesday in Japan (you read that right!) or on Tuesdays in the West. WSS is one of the most popular manga magazines out there, publishing massive hits like Komi Can’t Communicate, and it’s no surprise that Frieren’s a success, too. However, with the recent year the series has been having, the already-infrequent release pattern took a hit with a springtime hiatus and the usual hiatuses you can find with other big manga.

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You can read Frieren as a paid subscriber on the VIZ Manga subscription service either on desktop or the mobile app of the same name. As the series falls under the Shogakukan publisher umbrella it unfortunately isn’t on Manga Plus, but it’s still highly worthwhile. Once a new chapter is published, it’s immediately available on VIZ Manga, with updates on when new episodes are released.

Please note: due to this tricky release pattern, this Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End manga schedule is subject to possible date changes throughout the year. Any updates will be brought to this schedule to ensure accuracy.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End ChapterRelease Date
107January 17, 2023
108March 21, 2023
109March 28, 2023
110April 4, 2023
111September 5, 2023
112September 12, 2023
113September 26, 2023
114October 3, 2023
115October 17, 2023
116October 31, 2023
117November 14, 2023
118December 5, 2023
119December 12, 2023

As you can already tell, even when off hiatus the series takes smaller breaks fairly often. The upcoming dates are speculations based on the best-case scenario. Expect changes soon, but we’ll keep you posted through the year and into 2024!

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