One Piece: Who is Luffy’s Mom?

Who do you think Luffy's mom in One Piece is?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Toei Animation

Are you wondering who Luffy’s mom in One Piece is? The characters of Luffy’s Dad and Grandfather are significant and intriguing in the One Piece storyline. It’s only natural to ponder about Luffy’s mother, whether she’s alive or not, and the part she plays in the lore of One Piece. However, the surprising and possibly disappointing answer to this question may leave fans wondering long after the manga has concluded.

Who is Luffy’s Mom in One Piece?

Image: Toei Animation

The identity of Luffy’s mother is never officially stated in the One Piece manga or any of its spin-offs and never will be according to Oda. However, in cruel tease by Oda, he did mention that he has already drawn Luffy’s mother, and we’ve seen her, but again won’t ever disclose her identity. He has stated the reasoning behind his decision to do so on multiple occasions.

In an interview in SBS vol. 78, Oda responded to why so many characters have unknown or deceased mothers that he views “Mother” as the antonym for “Adventure.” What Oda means by this statement is that a mother’s goal is to protect their children by shielding them from the world’s dangers, which prevents them from going on dangerous adventures.

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Oda’s thoughts about mothers and their use in his series were again confirmed when the Japanese voice actor for Luffy, Mayumi Tanaka, asked Oda about Luffy’s mom. According to, his response to her was that he wasn’t interested in exploring Luffy’s heritage on that side, which is why we only learn about his father and grandfather.

In a tweet from a now-suspended Twitter account, @SoulstormOP, a quote from Oda was provided in which it says, “Luffy’s adventure began after he left his mother’s arms. I want to tell this young man’s story, so [his] mom is not part of it.” Whether this was an official quote from Oda or a fan playing upon Oda’s previous statements to get a rise out of fans is unknown, but the quote does line up with the events of the manga and Oda’s previous statements.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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