Who are the Gorosei in One Piece?

So who are the Goroesi in One Piece anyways?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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The Goroesi are the highest authorities of the World Government, ruling over the entire world with tremendous political power. They have complete control over all government-affiliated organizations, such as the police, Cipher Pol units, and even the Marines, with the ability to veto the orders of the fleet admiral. They can declare a Buster Call attack on any island they deem a threat and revoke the Warlord of the Sea title if they lack their duties. As Celestial Dragons, they have the authority to summon a Marine Admiral if under attack and can exalt a commoner to the rank of Celestial Dragon. Now that we know who the group is, who are the Gorosei members in One Piece?

Who are the Five Elders in One Piece?

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The five members of the Goroesi in One Piece are:

  • Saint Jaygarcia Saturn: Science and Defense
  • Saint Marcus Mars: Environment
  • Saint Topman Warcury: Justice
  • Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro: Finance
  • Saint Sheperd Ju Peter: Agriculture

The Goroesi, also called The Five Elders, are a council of the five highest-ranking Celestial Dragons who act as the public heads of the World Government. They essentially hold the most significant authority over the world as far as public knowledge is concerned. However, they secretly act as figureheads for the government’s shadow leader Imu, who occupies the Empty Throne—their first appearance happens during Chapter 233 and Episode 151.

The Elders hold absolute command over Cipher Pol, the Marines, and the Seven Warlords of the Sea, thus controlling two of the Three Great Powers. Their political sway over the World Government, its subsidiaries, agencies, and military branches is near-illimitable. Their positions and tenure of power remain unknown. The Five Elders are the secondary antagonists of the One Piece series, first appearing during the Jaya Arc and officially named during the Egghead Island Arc due to their status, actions, and plot involvement.

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Who is Imu in One Piece?

Image: Toei Animation

While Imu is a member of the Goroesi, he holds authority, so it is also essential to know who he is. Despite their reputation as the most significant authority in the World Government, the Five Elders answer to Imu, the current sovereign of the Empty Throne. They turn to Imu for guidance on which “light” deserves permanent erasure from history, indicating their role in the Government’s oppressive tyranny for centuries. They obey Imu’s commands without question, even agreeing to wipe out entire kingdoms if they wish and retrieve whoever Imu desires. They are also very protective of Imu’s secrecy and will eradicate and assassinate anybody who encounters or even gains a peek at Imu to protect their status.

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