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343 updates Halo fans on broken patch for The Master Chief Collection

by William Schwartz


Earlier this week, yesterday in fact, 343 Industries released a highly anticipated patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This patch was supposed to make things better for a game that saw a rough launch earlier this month.

Well the patch didn’t fix the problems for players, and in some cases, made them worse. 343 has updated fans with what to expect from The Master Chief Collection going forward, and as Halo fans can expect more updates shortly.

Recent issues caused by the latest update will be addressed, says 343

As posted on the Halo Waypoint Blog:

We realize that silence and opacity, even when we have nothing new to say, is frustrating. With each change and/or update we make, it takes time for us to capture and analyze the data to determine the tangible impact to the game experience. Additionally, we’ve already begun work on future updates which will be informed by the data and community feedback we’re seeing from yesterday’s CU.

Our data shows that the CU improved things statistically, but we are aware that far too many are not seeing improvements. We continue to work on these issues, with our primary focus being on matchmaking performance. Additionally, we also noticed that the CU inadvertently introduced some new UI bugs, which will be fixed shortly.

For now, you will continue to see uneven match-ups and larger than normal team sizes in matchmaking. This is a temporary situation that is caused by the fact that we are allowing more players than normal into a matchmaking session in order to improve overall matching times. We realize this is not ideal, and we will reset those parameters to their expected behavior as soon as our matchmaking improves to a level where players are consistently getting into matches in shorter time frames. Additionally, in yesterday’s patch notes, we announced that parties would no longer be split after a matchmaking session, and we’re aware that this bug has regressed. This issue, along with others, will be addressed in the coming content updates. We’ll be monitoring feedback and data over the weekend, and will provide an update on Monday regarding our progress.

So the good news is that 343 is still working on trying to fix The Master Chief Collection. The bad news is, it looks likes it’s going to be another week before fans get another patch.

- This article was updated on:November 21st, 2014

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