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A Brand New Pokemon Named Magiana Is Going To Be Revealed In CoroCoro Magazine

by Dean James


The 20th anniversary of Pokemon is upon us and the year is already off to a great start with plenty of announcements, as well as upcoming releases for Pokken Tournament and the classic Red, Blue, and Yellow on the Virtual Console. We still don’t know if a new mainline game will be coming this year, but if it does, it sounds like a new Pokemon may be in the mix.

CoroCoro Magazine is the hub for all things Pokemon in Japan, as they are always bringing us new reveals of anything related to the franchise. The latest though is one of the most interesting in awhile.

While the magazine itself is still not out, a trailer for the latest issue has been revealed that teases a brand new Pokemon. According to Serebii,  this cover features a silhouette of a new Pokemon named Magiana.

This small image is hard to make out, but the Pokemon appears to have some sort of almost bunny like ears, but could easily be something else. Serebii says they will be providing information on the Pokemon as soon as they get an actual image of him from the magazine when it releases, so we’ll get a better look then.

The question is whether or not this Pokemon will end up being part of the current generation or if it will be a preview of the next generation, ala Togepi was for 2nd gen back in the day.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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