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Activision confirms next Call of Duty for 2014, will it be Black Ops 3?

| November 6, 2013

Activision confirms next Call of Duty for 2014, will it be Black Ops 3? News  Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Update: Activision has revealed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Head here for screenshots and the first trailer for the next Call of Duty game.

A new Call of Duty game will arrive in 2014, according to highlights from the recent Activision quarterly conference call. The company has no plans of putting the franchise on hiatus, and will continue to be a big part of the company’s pipeline of titles.

With Call of Duty: Ghosts releasing just yesterday, there’s been no word of what to expect from the next game in the series. Following the history of the franchise, smart money would be betting that Treyarch will be tapped in to release the next game, and that it could be a continuation of the Black Ops timeline.

But there are other variables in the mix. Activision added Sledgehammer Games to the equation during the development of Modern Warfare 3, so they could very well be a possiblity for development duties on the next Call of Duty.

It’ll be an important launch for Call of Duty in 2014. With many reviewers claiming that the series is declining in quality, it will be time for Activision to introduce a truly next-gen experience for players on the Xbox One and PS4.

Alongside the confirmation that the next Call of Duty game would arrive in 2014, Activision also confirmed Destiny,Skylanders, Hearthstone, Diablo III Reaper of Souls, and new World of Warcraft content in their release schedule for the year.

It’s assumed that the next Call of Duty game will release in November of 2014.

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  • No sh*t Activision. Tell us something we don’t know. I predict that the next COD will be unveiled during the end of May ’14. Possible during the NBA finals.

  • MARTY92

    let it rest for a bit its old now.

    • COD FAN OD

      I hope u ge cacer for syinig that

      • MARTY92

        thanks bro

  • Wizard of Peace

    WTH? They just released Ghost and now they announce another COD game.

    • Lauren

      yeah they should announce another COD game since this one has had such bad reviews compared to the other COD games

      • Wizard of Peace

        They all deserve bad scores…

        • Your Daddy

          Your name deserves a bad score. Who told you, you could talk? Go cry to mommy now.

          • Wizard of Peace

            Oh you mad your don’t have any real games to play. Don’t be mad ghost sucks.

          • AntiHater

            Why look at this article if you hate COD? Just another hater passing through I suppose.

          • zombies rule 007

            ghost does suck. also if u play extinction too much it will disorient your zombie skills a bit from different ai patterns… its like wizard of peace …just plain sucks

        • zombies rule 007

          you have no idea how many people absolutely love black ops 1 zombies not to mention origins and mob of the dead on black ops 2 u deserve a bad score for even speaking

      • COD FAN OD

        Yeah Ghosts is Ass

  • Boz

    Well just like Apple knows so does Activision, they both have 1 billion dollars worth of suckers.

  • Country Boy Lucifer

    you known what the problem is, the world is full of retards

    • Underworld

      Whatever you say. Not a retard, I just enjoy it. Don’t know if I’ll buy CoD 2014. We’ll see.

    • jordanxbrookes

      So because someone buys Call of Duty and enjoys playing it, that makes that person a retard? Your logic sounds like it came from a retard.

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        people paying so much money for a re-skinned version of exactly the same game makes them a retard

        • jordanxbrookes

          But think about it, every game is a re-skin of the original, the only difference is the improvements made over the years. And yet we all still buy it. Why? Because they’re games and they’re fun to play on. So by your logic, we are all retards, thanks.

          • Your Daddy

            Speak for yourself as far as being a retard. I bet Mark’s dumbass is one of the millions that buy these games. He’s just butt hurt because he’s so horrible at playing them. True story!!!

          • Country Boy Lucifer


        • AntiHater

          Mark, Jordan owned you with his first comment. No need to be a sore loser.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            lol you and i have a very different idea of owned good sir

          • AntiHater

            we must kind sir

    • SPC. Wright

      OMG! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GK15

    Another year, another COD. Once again people herd like cattle towards the store.

    • Allen


      • GK15


    • Your Daddy

      Yep they herd like cattle towards the store to buy it and then a few hours later bitch and moan about how horrible the game is. The repeat the same thing the next year lol

  • ghosts sucks

    Please let Treyarch make the COD games. Blacks Ops 2 is the best game. Better than Ghost. They should have called it Modern Warfare 5. Nothing new. TREYARCH IS THE BEST. KEEP IT UP. CANT WAIT FOR BLACK OPS 3

    • Hshsh

      Modern Warfare 4 just sayin. And ghost doesn’t suck, it just takes time to get used to it.

      • Duck

        I got excited in Black Ops II when I saw the 1st trailer, still not interested in Ghosts.

        • max


    • Johnny BO2 the best


    • ghosts sucks jk its awesome

      Bo2 the best?! LMFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAO !! Are you new to Call of Duty by any chance? So, does Ghosts suck because they don’t have your gay Target finder in it? LMAAAAO, noob!

      • Pikeman

        *cough *cough have u played ghosts lately, obviously not because there IS a target finder

        • Your Daddy

          It’s not exactly a “target finder” but i would consider it close.

      • Your Daddy

        I hear this shit about “oh you play BO2? I bet you have to use a Target Finder”. Blah Blah Blah…i’ll be your ass in BO2 with or without Target Finder. Oh and Ghosts is horrible, but hey I still play it with my friends and could beat your ass on there too. Better than that I could beat your ass on ALL COD games. *smfh*

        • AntiHater

          Hard Ass Alert

        • burgers r tasty

          so, based on the fact that you bought ghosts, and apparently know so much about the other games you own them also….doesn’t that make you one of the “cattle” as you call them, herding towards the store? and doesn’t that then make you the biggest retard/hypocrite/dumbass/ect on this board? don’t answer, it was a rhetorical question.

    • BO2 NERD


  • dean28songz

    I want to see ghost . Logan please wait ! #ghost

  • Nasim

    Why isn’t it for ps3

  • Roach

    Doubt it’s Black Ops 3, or if it is, very little connection to Black Ops 2 considering Black Ops 2 had 4 variable endings for the player (Menendez dead and Karma stops the Celerium worm, Menendz dead but Celerium worm is not stopped, Menendez lives and Karma stops the Celerium worm, Menendez lives but Celerium worm is not stopped in time) along with the chance that Alex Mason could be alive or dead. Also I forgot to include Woods, as he does die in one of the endings. (Menendez lives, worm is not stopped). So, do you create 4 separate campaigns to address each individual ending? Do you pick one ending as “canon”? Or do you go so far into the future that the events of Black Ops 2 are irrelevant? If they do go Black Ops 3, I see them going very far in the future because Alex Mason’s story has already been told, and David Mason’s story is pretty much finished.

    • Wintergreen5000

      They could do it the same way they did the Mass Effect series.

    • aaron

      There are 4 endings but only one of those endings is the correct one. If you do everything right in the campaign then the correct ending is as follows: Menendez is captured without an escape, karma stops the Celerium worm, Woods lives and Alex shows up after 30+ years of being MIA. With that said, one would speculate that if indeed Treyarch did make another Black Ops game it would have to explain where Alex Mason had been for the time he went missing up until he showed back up. That would be the only reason to make a Black Ops 3. Otherwise they will just make another new Call Of Duty series unrelated to Black Ops. Leaving the whereabouts of Alex Mason up to the imagination of the players.

    • jay xxxxxxxxxx

      nobody plays campaign faggot lol its about the multiplayer Nigga

      • Yo mom

        And da zombies

    • an idea

      It could be a good idea the story of Black Ops 3,would been based chronoligically between the histories of Black Ops and Black ops 2. It would been based between 90’s and 00’s periods. It could have histories from the last steps of Woods’s active and the first steps of David Mason’s and Harper’s active. Also it could also have actives of Menedez at 90’s and 00’s plus other histories (after cold war histories, terrorism etc).

  • will

    they are going to just ruin the legacy of this game if they keep making sequels.

  • kbd013

    This is such a surprise.

  • AlMIGhTFaZe


  • Jinny

    Cod ghosts fuckin sucks!! Infinity ward has really gone to shit in there game making..

    • Alx

      It really does suck

    • Eric Grice

      I don’t really think it is Infinity Ward. I think it is more the other 2
      developers that Activision has let help make the game. Like
      Sledgehammer and Raven. Infinity Ward just developed the story mode and
      Sledgehammer and Raven developed the multiplayer for Ghost. I will say
      this if Sledgehammer helps or make the Next COD game I will not buy it.
      Activision should just let Infinity Ward and Treyarch developed the
      games alone.

    • umad

      U prob hate it because you suck, or too lazy to take off the target finder and scavenge your own kills around the map.

  • Ghosts

    I think it will be Modern Warfare 4

    • Alx

      Shut ur ugly ass up bitch no noe want sledgehammer to come for mw4 black ops is the best and I think treyarch will get the next cod dumbass hoe

  • Guest

    I think it will be Modern Warfare 4

  • bob

    people don’t even no when there’s a good game looking at them the people that say retart are the retarts if 1 person says they don’t like the game don’t mean that everyone eles has to hate the game they try and make the games as good as they can and you get fuckheads criticize the game people that criticize cod game why buy them then so if you buy and play shut the fuck up and stop criticize cod

    • Your Daddy

      I’m not going to criticize the game at this time. But I am going to criticize you and make fun of how you run all of your sentences together. Are you trying to put on your big boy panties or something?

  • ScOott

    Ghosts is the worst cod ever maps are way way way to big it feels like I’m playing hardcore mode one shot kill all the time the streaks rnt gr8 sat com is joke just give me a uav they thought of some good things IMO but they always have these ideas that sound amazing yet they just can’t get it right if they gave their ideas to 3arc n let them implement them into their game a long with their own ideas … Ultimate cod

  • Wintergreen5000

    Well, if there is going to be another call of duty then I hope it’s treyarch making it. I’m interested in seeing where they’re going with zombies.

  • FoxyRoxy23

    I’m so ready for black ops 3… Ghosts is awful :(

  • EazyTheKiing

    i hate infinity ward. treyarch is wayyyyyy better! they should end it all with black ops 3 on ps4 n xbox one.

  • bullfrog

    Hoping it world at war 2..bring it back old school

    • Erik John

      This is all I want, it would be a great game to go back to. Especially after they render and update everything to make it up to date.


    I think they should do a call of duty zombies cause most people get the treyarch games cause of that

    • Amber


      • Aleisha

        @bullfrog ikr!

    • Your Daddy

      that’s dumb

  • CodFan01-

    I hate how faggs sit here in say I won’t get cod this cod is dumb and everyone is dumb it’s for enjoyment and to get away from the real world full of cunts like you

    • Joe

      You get away from the “real world full of cunts”…by buying and playing a game they reside in?. Your life needs logic.

      • Your Daddy

        hahahahaha nice

  • davo

    At the start I thought ghosts was terrible but I still played it , Now iv got it down pat and I love it, Multiplayer is awesome yeah some maps are too big, But they all have there hot spots..
    Most people are unhappy cause there shit at multiplayer so harden up pussy’s and keep trying you will eventually get more than 5 kills…
    P.S. Go fuck yourself haters

    • Your Daddy

      Well you’re a fucking idiot lol. Ghosts is an absolutely horrible game. I’m unhappy with it and i’m not shit at multiplayer. Actually I would smoke your ass and make you look stupid. Think before you speak dumbass.
      P.S. I just fucked your GF!

  • J nastyyy

    I think they’ve pretty much ran out of ideas for modern combat. I think they need to go back to ww2 and make it a simple shooter. Focus on the gameplay and graffics not all the bullshit futuristic stuff.

    In my opinion mw2 was the best call of duty, so I would take important things from that game.

    25 killstreak nuke, the only thing that made this game worth playing over and over. Not a bullshit Moab where it is nearly impossible to win.

    Go back to ww2 and make it a simple shooter not a bullshit thermal quick scoping target finding get a kill then die shooter. That is all

  • Lonny

    If Titanfall is as good as it looks the next COD might be hurting for sales and they’ll have to figure out how to fix their cash cow.

  • Christopher Seglins

    I really hope they do more zombies

  • Amber

    :D I’m excited for this news, because I am a huge fan of Zombies! I hope the next game is similar to black ops 2 with even more zombie maps. Black Ops 2 was and still is AMAZING!

    • Joel Martin

      I don’t get it u guys dis all the games yet u play them constantly why can’t u accept it the people who make the games work there arses off so y can’t u give them respect and plus they all way better than anything u could make and u winge so much like u would prefer them to not even exist

      • Amber

        Why is your comment in reply to my comment? I don’t “dis” the game.

  • Joseph

    are we really sure that Activision is coming out with other Black Ops Game

  • Killer

    I think they need to come up with something then ghost, i was very disappointed when I played it, had poor quality and graphics. Call of duty black ops 2 is the best one so far especially with the new ways they created zombies. Extinction is a joke on ghost compared to the zombies on black ops 1 and 2. Even call of duty world at war zombies out do extinction! Treyarch better make another black ops with more zombies and good multiplayer like black ops 2.

  • N3R0N

    I just hope that they bring back hardcore capture the flag and the tomahawk because the one on black ops 2 suuuucks so much nothing like the tomahawk on cod black ops one, I had close 3000 killls

  • dreday

    i like c.o.d in will continue too buy new maps r better hate payn for old ones unell they redo them well em 1 thing is destruction n camping fof score streaks got too get fixed with bf3 n 4 takn over i like the up close kills n kill cams on c.o.d but too throw a grenade n nothn blow up kidesh too me dont change c.o.d fix it make it more realistic thats whst it needs too many times games fix problems in add new ones keep the core n fix its problems and add realticness too the game more weapons possible more maps seems less too start with every year n makes it boring im a huge map variety guy thnxs if u hear this

  • dreday

    need more realness in please fix kill cams like em but sometimes what i see n what comes up in kill cam differ not kool realness destruction and spty planes n sat coms suck i hate when they wait on my dot too come too them kidesh

  • Barrack hussein

    Mw2 best cod of all time. The modern warfare series all together out does black ops 1&2. I would like to see a ww2 cod once again or maybe even… Holy shit! Revolvers and lever action rifles and Bowie knives as your sidearm. Cod wild west

  • DTrix Gaming

    They need a new black ops with ghosts sucking I went back to playing blk ops 2 because of ghosts

  • Duh


  • Michael hawk

    world at war was actually a really good game and would like to see call of duty go back to ww2. Like with these new graffics and system you could tell a pretty badass story

    And the nuke in mw2 was kickass, because you could actually get the killstreak unlike mw3 and ghosts it is impossible to get it

    And since it’s ww2 it will be an atom bomb

    Just an idea

  • Santa Claus

    I think COD Ghosts is a great game not shore why so many people don’t like it. But I can’t wait till the next ghosts comes out .

    • jordanxbrookes

      I feel you Santa, how’s Rudolph? Is he playing as the Guard Dog in Ghosts?

    • $21923385

      You on drugs? Worst game in cod history by far.

  • Brandon mikolajczak

    Most of us just wanna know how the zombies storyline continues.

  • james

    Call od duty 2 was by far the best of them. Ghosts could have done a lot better. Just take the aliens gameplay for example, they could have turned it into something amazingly fun like zombies was, but instead they made it completely boring.

  • james

    Black ops 2 was the best. Sorry for that

  • cod101

    Every call of duty game comes out in November so ik this is legit I want to know wht the covor looks like

  • Hgfhfty

    As long as its better than ghost

  • Scrumdiddlyumptious

    We need another good WWII game I mean who doesn’t like WaW

  • James

    just make a call of duty and put every idea in to and make it the best call of duty off
    al time

  • Logan

    The last new COD games where very good! Treyarch, activision and unisoft should all work to gether to make a new generation of COD perhaps all ZOMBEZ!! Ghosts and BO2 are all very good generations of COD!!
    -》 -YOUR-FACE

  • Logan

    WORLD AT WAR 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW

  • William Manley

    I find they should just wait a couple years and let things settle down and take there time to actually make a good game… Oh and pizzzz let it be bo3!!!!!!

  • Kenny

    they should just make more zombies dlcs for now!!

  • soundwave36

    Zombies is gonna become its own franchise

    • this guy eric

      fuck yeah I say screw cod its done once titan fall hits xbox 1 any way at least it will be one for xbox sorry sony fan boys you get stuck with a new cod every year ill play my 32 player online titan fall with dedicated servers but in all seriousness I only like black ops 2 for the zombies its fun and zombies has not only the potential to become its own game with a campaign all about zombies and multiplayer modes like classic zombies turned grief but there are so many other multiplayer modes you can do with it like mabey a team deathmatch while being mauled by zombies at the sametime and if the zombies kill the players say 100 times before either team gets the 75 kills required to win the zombies win and both teams lose I would play that shit or its regular tdm but the dynamic event is if some ones gets the kil streak needed a gas bomb is droped an bot teams become zombies for the rest of the match and have to duke it out that way like I said endless possibilitys.

  • Mary Appleton

    All of you douchebags who just come in to rant about how bad it is shut up. If you don’t like cod then why come in here just to say you hate it. Obviously if you care enough to come Into an ENTIRE chat room of CoD. Treyarch will do what they want to do. If that’s making black ops 3 or starting a new line of games called Spec Ops 1 I would still go for it. Not just because it’s another cod. But becuse they out a lot of freakin work into a game that MILLIONS of people buy. Until you can crap out a game millions of people buy, SHUT UP!!

  • indison774

    can sony get early dlc content first! geez

  • Ladyxxk

    Black ops 2 was great ghosts sucks ass I want new cod hopefully be better this time

  • YahUHating

    People are have to hack to get a kill man I feel sorry for you! Oh nvm I honestly dont feel sorry its just shows you are terrible lol…

    Who cares if a gamer uses Target Finder.  Treyarch add it in the game for people to use its there choice its not like you have to use it.  What you felt the need to threat and call yourself better just to make yourself look better cause apperently you felt some kind of jealous that someone could be better than you.  If people uses Target finder that is them and if using Target Finder allows you to improve your skills and your kill death k/d ratio so be it.  You people bitch of people kill death ratio honestly its not the ratio that matter its how you play the game its about learning from your mistake its about how you keep focus and how you can attain it with out losing it.  Im against gamer who hack it just show they r terri ble in gaming.   I honestly not a big fan of Ghost its ok the alien is pretty awesome could be better.  I think out of ghost i like the compaign mode.  Ghost isnt Ghost its more of Morden Warfare.  When you hear new game name you expect it to be different and the graphic etc.  how you can control your gun without it kicking up being able to keep in control im not trying to hate on ghost but it isnt my game The game I like so far are bo1 n bo2  now i enjoy playing zombies lol and love watching the walking dead.  I honestly think they should add a prison on bo well for bo3 if it does assist.    People believe there will be  second game of ghost it could be but lets hope its better than the fist one and who knows but its a chance you take   Its like taking a bite of something and u have no clue what might be in it.   I do hope treyarch comes out with a bo3 but if its not them w.e. game it will be i hope its a game that worth having a game that is unexpected a game that people eill talk with out no racism or hateful remarks.   I believe infinity Award and Activision did a good job on ghost but it could have been better  but people gonna hate so dispies those who dispieses of you.

    • YahUHating Oops!

      My Apologize of my terrible spelling lol

  • LinkableNova

    If anybody had a PS4 and a PS3 the graphics in Ghosts is the same shit on PS4 the game was 1080p but then again the game looks like 720p just like the PS3 version! Ghosts never deserves to be a next gen game it is laggy sometimes, extinction sucks, and you die so quick in the game! Treyarch needs to make the next games of CoD we need zombies and the awesome campaign. If Treyarch doesn’t make the next game of CoD better then Destiny,TitanFall,Watch Dogs and all the other games are just gonna put it to shame. GO TREYARCH YOU CAN DO IT!!

    • Surging

      i would not go as far as to say the ps4 version looks like the ps3 version, i play it on both systems all the time and the ps4 looks and plays alot better than ps3, I can see more than 5 feet in front of my on the ps4 as the ps3 version is blurry and look pixely .

  • Tiago Gomes

    If that COD will exist,I’ll by it,just because of the zombies :3

  • harold hull

    Good thing I did not get ghost

    • Surging

      my question is how did ghosts ever even reach the world. its garbage..

  • harold hull

    Ghost stinks what day dose the next cod come out

  • Ascension

    Everyone quit being four year olds arguing about who gets to have the last piece of candy. A former treyarch worker who still has ties with them made a leak on reddit about BoIIIWaW2. Also sledgehammer has made a leak about there cod game. So far sledgehammer has more credibility than the former employ but we’ll have to wait and see. And people do play campaign.

  • jack

    is it coming out xbox 360

  • bruce wayne

    i think in the next one it should have zombies with similar stuff as in black ops 2 zombies, meaning the mystery box and good weapons as in the galil and hamur. also, a similar map as town for us who like the medium size maps and like to round the zombies up in a circle and shoot them at once. i have more suggestions if you are interested, if you are then email me at

  • Tomb72

    The next Call of Duty shouldn’t just be on next-gen gaming consoles but for Xbox 360 and PS3 because to some people the next-gen consoles suck! I agree but only with the Xbox One

  • Dominic Wenrick

    I think its a great game compared to the others

  • trolll

    ghost sucked but i loved the black ops series but i think destiny and titanfall will be the new cod in the future.

  • vinay

    the next game will be created by sledgehammer games so we already know its not going to be black ops 3

  • wayne

    with the cod series the way it is they can stick it up there rear end hackers and anti cheat thats good for the bin bring back call of duty uo the good old days much better than this shite we need deddy dservers again

  • trbefan

    Sorry but Ghost was just another Modern Warfare. Love Black Ops though

  • spice

    Will the next cod game of this year come out for 360 or only for xbox one

  • Rob Thompson

    Not to be rude I have ghost on xbox one and black ops 2 on 360…and to be honest I love playin my black ops more then ghost to be real black ops 2 graphics r hella better and game play wise…then ghost

  • Justin

    Really CoD Is always going to be the Best Game I have ever Played Besides Gears of War. Gears of War is one of the BEST Games of all time. Correct me if I am wrong but Gears of war is slightly better than CoD. So just STOP being such an idiot about VIDEO GAMES. I mean really what is wrong with the world everyone is Killing REAL people over an F’ing CoD game I mean REALLY.

  • peter.the.great

    I hope they get rid of the damn tactical insertion , and all cheaters actually get banned from playing [ if proof is found ] . on another note I understand that titanfall and destiny are going to be marketed in a very big way , if the next c.o.d is as bad as what ghosts was then this really could be the end .

  • robbie77

    I hope we will get to put BOP 2 on PS4 and thus year BOP 3 only on PS4

  • Luke Blersch

    WW2 Should be packaged and Delivered … the all time war battle in the middle part of what shaped europe”that would a good idea”

  • clyde

    Cod will always rock…just needs to be simplified and take out the walls on the complex mazey maps and give the player the power like cod 4…3 grenades and two claymores!

  • The man

    I hope the new game is black ops 4 :)

    • retards….retards everywhere

      You’re retarded arent you.

  • Cas

    Waiting for zombies mode , come on treyard dont fuck it up

  • love zombies

    Please be BLACK OPS 3

  • cod is good

    I hope they have a p99 in next cod game cuz da p99 is awesome. and mabt a 45. revolver.

  • Asians swagg

    Is this for real or na

  • Bob

    Why xbox 1 and ps4 maby some people cant afford a next gen console thats why they should still make them games on xbox 360

  • james

    They are the best game ever made

  • james

    I have over 2k wins on grief on town best game ever made I mean it

  • james

    Back ops 2

  • chris

    I hope this one is good because ghost was horrible