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Actor Terry Crews Really Wants To Play Overwatch Character Doomfist

by Dean James


Overwatch officially released last May after a number of betas and found massive popularity due to its incredibly well balanced gameplay and enjoyable characters. Since launch, the game has added three free DLC characters, but one that has continued to be rumored as coming is one known as Doomfist, and one actor has really been campaigning to voice the character if he is added to the game.

The character of Doomfist was first mentioned in some throwaway dialogue in the Overwatch intro, with other references to him coming in the game that designated the Doomfist character as a moniker that multiple people have used over the years, each wielding a large gauntlet. Within the game’s Numbani map, a Doomfist exhibit was opened at the museum that showed off three Doomfists, including a mysterious one known as “The Successor.”

This led to many hoping that this latest Doomfist would be added to the game as a playable character, which has had numerous teases in the time since. In addition to that, actor Terry Crews, who is best known for movies like The Expendables series and TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has steadily been campaigning for the role of Doomfist in the game.

Most recently, he actually visited Blizzard and followed this by sharing an article that detailed his visit on his Facebook page while saying “Who wants to hear me do the voice of Doomfist for real??” This followed up on an initial Facebook post a few weeks ago when he actually visited that said.

“LOVED my visit with the geniuses at BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT today, and meeting the creators of one of my favorite games! OVERWATCH! LETS GO!”

Sometimes situations like this work out while others don’t, but the fact that Crews actually visited Blizzard and continues to push it really makes me think Doomfist is coming and he will be voiced by Crews. Anything less than that will just be a disappointment now, so we can only hope.

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