Advanced Warfare Getting Clan Raids With Exclusive Call of Duty Gear

by AOTF Staff

Call of Duty has tinkered with the idea of clans in the most recent games in the series.  With Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Clan Wars have been the central activity that clans have been able to participate in.  Call of Duty clans will have more activities in the near future, as “Clan Raids” are set to begin shortly.


Clan Raids in Advanced Warfare are “unique time-based challenges,” according to an announcement from Activision.  Completing these challenges earns leaderboard placement and new Clan Raid Gear, one such set they’ve shown off called the Equilibrium set.  Players will need to use Clan Tokens to participate in the Clan Raids.

Unlike the Clan Wars which are run at specific times, Clan Raids can be initiated by the Clan Leader at any time.  New challenges and objectives will be added over time, and the tracking of said tasks will be monitored through the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Companion App.

Activision is opening up Clan Raids for Preview on March 9th for clans with a Diamond Division ranking.  After that, anybody in a clan will be able to participate.

In other Advanced Warfare news, a major update is coming that will hit the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC versions of the game that will re-balance over fifteen of the game’s weapons as well as adding new ways to earn Elite gear.