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Advertising Standards Authority Says No Man’s Sky Steam Page Was Not Misleading

by Damian Seeto


When No Man’s Sky came out, many complained that the game was misleading. This led to some people even calling the Steam page misleading with the words and screenshots that Hello Games used.

Well the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) reviewed the Steam page for No Man’s Sky and concluded that Hello Games the promotional material was not misleading.

The ASA discussed its report on its official website. The report is quite long, but it appears the situation will not be upheld. The ASA contacted Hello Games several times and the No Man’s Sky developer was able to defend itself.

Here’s the ASA’s concluding statement on the matter:We understood that the screenshots and videos in the ad had been created using game footage, and acknowledged that in doing this the advertisers would aim to show the product in the best light. Taking into account the above points, we considered that the overall impression of the ad was consistent with gameplay and the footage provided, both in terms of that captured by Hello Games and by third parties, and that it did not exaggerate the expected player experience of the game. We therefore concluded that the ad did not breach the Code

Do you agree with the ASA’s assessment on the matter? No Man’s Sky is the most talked about game of 2016, and it’s not for the right reasons…

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