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Amiibo Hunting Guide For July 31 (Dark Pit)

by Dean James


It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new in-store release for an amiibo to talk about, with the last batch coming on May 29 as Wave 4.  Now, tomorrow will bring the second member of what has been donned Wave 5A, with yet another retailer exclusive in Dark Pit at Best Buy. While this will be much simpler than most others so far, we thought we’d give you some helpful details and tips in our Dark Pit amiibo Hunting Guide.

Last Friday saw the release of the first member of Wave 5A with Palutena online as an Amazon exclusive, which went rather smoothly. She lasted online for about 45 minutes, though she got a little bit of a late start from the time announced. While she was the first online exclusive of the bunch, Dark Pit is the complete opposite.

The only way to obtain a North America Dark Pit amiibo in the US will be to actually go to a Best Buy store tomorrow, July 31, and hopefully be able to grab one. No pre-orders were taken at all and no Dark Pit amiibo will be going up online either, according to Best Buy.

The good news here is that with no stock being taken up by pre-orders or being allocated for online, the in-store stock numbers reportedly should be improved over their previous Meta Knight amiibo release, which was rather poor in stock.

There are reports of some Best Buy stores in bigger areas like California receiving over 50 Dark Pit amiibo, but it sounds like other regions will have less than that. The average seems to be around 20-something, with the lowest typically being around 15 per store.

With Dark Pit not being available at all otherwise in the US, outside of importing, this may be one of the most sought after amiibo on launch day we’ve seen at one store. As a result, I recommend likely arriving at least a few hours early to better your chances at getting one. I doubt you need to get their at midnight the night before or anything, but going at opening or only right before likely won’t go well for you.

Best Buy didn’t have a very good track record store to store on the Meta Knight launch with planning, so there’s no way to tell if your local Best Buy store will do anything different this time. Calling them and asking is really the only way to find out, and even then that may not help you out. It wouldn’t hurt to ask though, in addition to seeing if they can tell you the number your store is getting.

For those looking to the future waves as well, we still do not have any release dates for the September amiibo outside of the one with Mario Maker on September 11, so we have another break ahead of us after Dark Pit.

With all of the elements involved, the Dark Pit amiibo will likely be hard to acquire tomorrow, so plan accordingly and good luck. Feel free to post in the comments below to let us know any details about your local store and if you manage to score a Dark Pit tomorrow.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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