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Amiibo Hunting Guide For October 16 (Yarn Yoshi Trio)

by Dean James


The number of amiibo just keep on increasing more and more, and while the Super Smash Bros. line is nearly complete, it doesn’t seem like they are stopping anytime soon. Releasing alongside Yoshi’s Woolly World, there are three brand new Yarn Yoshi amiibo that will be coming out tomorrow, albeit one a bundle exclusive, so it seemed like the perfect time for yet another amiibo Hunting Guide.

The good news first of all is that the amiibo situation is in a much better state than it was a few months ago. Restocks of some of the rarest ones have been pretty prevalent lately and Wave 5B and Wave 6 of the Super Smash Bros. line were very well stocked, and still continue to be for the most part.

The Yarn Yoshi amiibo were hard to predict, as they obviously require a little more work to make than your regular amiibo, which has led to the little bit higher cost. From most reports, the good news is that it sounds like these will be in pretty solid supply, at least at opening tomorrow.

Also, there are three of the Yarn Yoshi amiibo that will be available tomorrow, but at least for the time being, the Green Yarn Yoshi is exclusive to the Yoshi’s Woolly World bundle, which retails for $59.99. This isn’t a bad deal, as the game itself is only $49.99, so if you are getting the game anyways, it’s a no brainer to only pay $10 for the Green Yarn Yoshi. In comparison, the Blue and Pink Yarn Yoshi will retail for $16.99 and be available separately.

As usual, we will give a somewhat retailer breakdown, though a lot of them are reported to have about the same stock wise. Walmart is technically the first to have anything for sale, starting at midnight, but it remains to be seem what they will actually have. There are confirmed sightings of the Yoshi’s Woolly World bundle with the Green Yarn Yoshi, but I have yet to see anything about the Blue and Pink Yarn Yoshi. My best guess would be that if they do get them, it may be later, like we saw with a lot of Walmart stores and Wave 5B.

Now to start with actual Friday morning, Target will be the first store to open up, as they typically open up at 8 am in most areas. According to reports from the amiibo subreddit, they are estimated to get around 10 of the Yoshi’s Woolly World & Green Yarn Yoshi bundle, which is actually said to be the case at Toys R Us, Best Buy, and GameStop as well. This technically isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things, but with the game being required to get it for now, I have a feeling a lot of people will be waiting. Target is also estimated to have anywhere between 10 to 12 each on average of the Blue and Pink, with Blue possibly having slightly less, though it can range up to 16-20 at higher volume stores.

A couple hours later, the trio of Toys R Us, Best Buy, and GameStop will open, which are all three said to get around 10 of the Yoshi’s Woolly World & Green Yarn Yoshi bundle as well. Toys R Us is supposedly getting the best all around stock of the Yarn Yoshi amiibo, with around 14-18 of each, though larger stores could get even more, and the same for smaller stores.

Best Buy is literally said to be on par with Target’s numbers of 10-12, with upwards of 16-20 at the bigger stores. While GameStop is said to be getting the same number of bundles, though it’s not known if that’s including pre-orders, the number of the Blue and Pink amiibo are much less. Each store is only expected to get 4-6 of each, with the possibility of a few more in bigger stores.

The wildcard here is definitely Amazon, who will likely be going with the same approach we’ve seen lately with staggered, at least on the Blue and Pink Yarn Yoshi. The Woolly World bundle with the Green Yarn Yoshi has already been up before, so we’ll have to see if they put more up along with the other two amiibo tomorrow.

It really does sound like tomorrow’s release should be a relatively smooth one, with gamers able to likely get them if they want. However, they still very likely will sell out close to opening or at opening, so I would certainly plan on getting to stores around that time if possible. As always, good luck and let us know in the comments below if you were successful in acquiring the Yarn Yoshi amiibo trio.

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