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Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Wii U…well kinda

by William Schwartz


Given the success of Animal Crossing on the Nintendo 3DS, it would be natural for Nintendo to pursue some kind of cross-over action to their struggling Wii U. And while fans won’t be getting a full-fledged game, they are getting the Animal Crossing Plaza for the Wii U.

The Animal Crossing plaza is a new application for the Wii U that is free to download on the Nintendo eShop. The Animal Crossing Plaza will run through 2014, and allows Animal Crossing fans to meet up, interact and exchange information through the system’s new Miiverse community features.

Players can also import images they’ve taken in Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS, while other visitors can browse and comment on said images.

The Animal Crossing Miiverse is available today on the eShop.

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