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Another Reason Why Final Fantasy 15 Had To Be Delayed

by Damian Seeto


Square Enix has given another reason why Final Fantasy 15 had to be delayed by two months. The answer might be surprising to some people.

Final Fantasy 15’s director, Hajime Tabata, revealed several reasons why the game had to be delayed during a new interview with Famitsu.

One surprising reason why the game had to be delayed (as translated by Kotaku) is because only around 20 percent of Japanese gamers have hooked up their consoles to the internet.

Due to the lack of Japanese gamers connected to the internet with their consoles, Tabata wanted to polish up the game without relying on a day-one patch to fix everything. The delay was done to ensure everyone gets a polished experience.

Tabata also gave some of the reasons why the game is not ready for launch. One of the reasons is that the frame rate is not steady in some parts of the game. There are also some bugs where the characters float in the air for no apparent reason.

Tabata says all of these issues will be fixed and the balance of the game will also be looked upon. It’s a good idea that Final Fantasy 15 was delayed until November 29th. There have been too many examples of games being released too early with lots of issues.

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