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Apex Legends: Iron Crown Event Live With New Solo Mode and New Loot Boxes

Apex update arrives with a bit of controversy.

by William Schwartz


The Iron Crown Event is now live in Apex Legends.  The event which runs from August 13th – 27th will feature some exclusive loot as well as updates to the game in terms of patching and balancing, but the big feature that’s being introduced during Iron Crown is the solo mode for the Apex Legends.  Unfortunately, solo mode isn’t what people are talking about.  Instead, a divisive mictrotransaction scheme is the star of this latest update to the game.

Solo Mode and new “surprise mechanics” in store for Apex players

Regardless of the platform you are on, access to the new features in the Iron Crown Collection will require that you update the game.  Inside you’ll find the Limited Time Solo Mode, a map change in Kings Canyon, Double XP, exclusive Iron Crown Event Challenges, and new loot to unlock.  You can catch the full list of bug fixes, improvements, and balance changes over on Reddit.

The release of the event has not come without a little bit of controversy when it comes to the structure and method of obtaining new loot.  As it stands, a new currency has been added to the game during the Iron Crown Event, and many of the desirable items in the mode are locked behind loot-box mechanics.

It’s only gambling if you don’t get what what you want

While it is expected that there will be heavy monetization through things like skins in a free-to-play title like Apex Legends, many fans had hoped that items in the Iron Crown Event were purchasable directly on the store instead of in the loot-box event crates which force players to effectively gamble for the skins they want.  As it stands, EA has announced that players will be able to earn two Iron Crown Collection Packs by completing challenges.  These packs will include Iron Crown Collection Pack Items, of which there are 24 in the set.  If you unlock all 24 of the Iron Crown Collection Pack items you’ll be given the “opportunity” to purchase Bloodhound’s Heirloom Set with Apex Coins.

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