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Arkane Studios will use CryEngine for next game

by William Schwartz


Creators of Dishonored, Arkane Studios, has announced that they will be using the CryEngine for their next game. In a note sent out to followers over Twitter, the studio confirmed they’ll be using Crytek’s tools for their next game, which has yet to be announced.

So just what is Arkane Studios up to these days? Apparently, the studio is staffing up for the next generation – the note also included a job call for gameplay, graphics, platform, server, and web engineers.

Last we heard from the studio, they were the topic of a rumor suggesting that they would be making Prey 2. The human head title that premiered at E3 2011, then oddly up and vanished. Whatever they have in the works, their first game is going to be a tough act to follow. Dishonored saw an exception critical reception as a new IP released in 2012.

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