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Astro A50 works perfectly on the PS4

by William Schwartz


For those of you who have invested in a pricey headset for the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360, it was probably worrying when there was uncertainty regarding whether or not they would work on the new consoles. After putting the PS4 through its paces over the last few days, it was completely surprising that not only does the optical audio work flawlessly on the PlayStation 4, but USB audio chat functionality works following the 1.50 update.

This means that Astro A50 owners can play and chat with their wireless set-ups on the PS4. A couple of quick firmware updates for the headset, as well as a couple of tweaks on the PlayStation 4 Setting screen, and you’ll be up and running.

The Astro Gaming forums explained the process in detail over the weekend.

Downloading the latest firmware update for your A50 Wireless Headset.
1) Connect the A50 MixAmp TX to your computer using the included long USB to USB-Mini cable.

2) Download and run the A50 MixAmp TX Firmware Updater V4193 which can be found by clicking here.

3) Follow the on screen instructions to update the A50 MixAmp TX. Once completed, you can close the program.

*If you own the A50 Wireless Headset Battlefield 4 Edition, please do not install the firmware for the headset as you might lose your Battlefield EQ mode, please skip to step 6!

4) Connect the A50 Wireless Headset to your A50 MixAmp TX using the included short USB to USB-Mini cable.

5) Download and run A50 Wireless Headset Firmware Update V4142 which can be found by clicking here.

6) Follow the on screen instructions to update the A50 Wireless Headset. Once completed, you can close the program, disconnect everything from your computer and reconnect everything back to your PS4. If you have not installed PS4 System Update V1.50, please hold off from connecting until you have!

Downloading the latest operating system for your PS4.
Installing System Update V1.50 is required to use the voice communication features of the A50 Wireless Headset and also sign into the PlayStation Network. Please follow the below steps to install this.

1) On the PlayStation Dynamic Menu, select Settings and then System Software Update.

2) Follow the on screen instructions to download and install the latest operating system on your PS4.

Connecting the A50 Wireless Headset to your PS4.
1) Connect the included optical cable from the optical input on the A50 MixAmp TX to the optical output on the PS4.

2) Connect the included long USB to USB-Mini cable from the USB input on the A50 MixAmp TX to one of the USB ports on the front of the PS4.

Configuring the PS4 settings.
1) On the PlayStation Dynamic Menu, go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings > Primary Output Port > Digital Out (Optical) and then select Dolby Digital 5.1 Ch followed by okay.

2) Under Audio Output Settings once again, select Output to Headphones and ensure Chat Audio is selected and not All Audio.

3) Under Audio Output Settings once more, select Audio Format (Priority) and change this from Linear PCM to Bitstream (Dolby). Anything else selected might cause the loss of surround sound or audio altogether.

– If the A50 Wireless Headset isn’t detected by the PS4 then Output to Headphones will be grayed out under the Audio Output Settings. Simply power off the A50 MixAmp TX and then power it back on, the PS4 will prompt you to assign the “Headset” to a user. At this point, assign it to your user account and the Output to Headphones option should be available to you.

– If your voice chat suddenly stops working mid-game, press and hold the PlayStation button for around three seconds to pull up the quick settings. Select Adjust Device and ensure that Volume Control (Headphones) isn’t grayed out and that Output to Headphones is set to Chat Audio and not All Audio.

Your wallet may be recouperating after just purchasing a new console and some games, but Christmas is coming up, we’ve been an advocate of this fantastic headset since it launched back in 2012. You can find our review of the A50, here.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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