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Astro Gaming A50 will likely work on Xbox One and PS4

by William Schwartz


Today we met with Astro Gaming’s Cris Lee, who introduced us to a couple of new products in the Astro Gaming and Skull Candy headset family.

We got an exclusive look at the company’s new Battlefield 4 branded headset, an offshoot of the Astro A50. We loved the Astro A50 when we reviewed it last year, but, a decked out Battlefield 4 edition had me salivating. However, with the next generation looming, it’s only prudent for consumers to ask just how long the A50 will be able to be used, if planning on hopping into the next-gen.

When asked about Astro’s plans for the new consoles, Lee explained that they are currently in talks with Microsoft, and are “figuring out” a solution for their top of the line product to be carried forward to the Xbox One. Lee also said that he predicts the A50 will be able to work on the PS4 without the need for any additional hardware.

Just how much any extra parts might cost to take your headset to the next-generation wasn’t mentioned, but it was a sigh of relief to hear that they won’t be obsolete any time soon.

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