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Avalanche Studios teasing Just Cause 3

by William Schwartz


Avalanche Studios knows that Just Cause fans can’t wait to get their hands on Just Cause 3, and that’s why the studio’s founder is teasing with a new image released on Twitter. Christofer Sundberg teased his followers earlier today with an image that doesn’t take much of an imagination to link with the third installment in the Just Cause franchise.

The developer ended his tease with an #e32013 hastag, so this game will presumably be shown at the upcoming convention. Not much is known about Just Cause 3 at this point, the game hasn’t been announced, and this image could have nothing to do with the highly anticipated sequel.

Would it make sense for Avalanche to continue with the popular franchise? You betcha. Just Cause 2 released to critical acclaim in 2010, and with next-gen consoles on the horizon, what better than a big crazy open world game like Just Cause 3 to ring in a new era. Back in November, Sundberg confirmed that Avalanche had sent back current-gen dev kits for new technology to use on their next game.

Look for more as we head closer to June.

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