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Babylon’s Fall is a Live-Service Hack and Slash from PlatinumGames

No release date was given, but you can sign up for the Closed Beta today.

by Brandon Adams


Square Enix showed off PlatinumGames Babylon’s Fall during their E3 2021 conference, a new live-service hack and slash action game where up to four players can team up to grind out an endless gauntlet of dungeons. No release date was given, though interested players can sign up for an upcoming closed beta.

Babylon’s Fall is a live-service action game, featuring a “never-ending” tower.

PlatinumGames’ Babylon’s Fall was first revealed a few years ago, and today we learned what the developer has been up to since then. Babylon’s Fall is a “classic” hack and slash action game where up to four players can team up to climb a never-ending tower full of enemies and challenges to overcome.

The game features a “demake” graphical aesthetic, with environments having the same lo-fi PS2 era look to them as PC phenomenon Valheim. Character models are more modern, though its clear the game was made with the PlayStation 4 in mind. That said, it was confirmed that the game would release for PlayStation 5 and PC.

What was more surprising to see was the reveal during the developer commentary that Babylon’s Fall would be a live-service title. The game will have seasonal updates to keep players engaged, though we’ll have to wait and see what the core progression hook will be. The developer video did confirm there will be a loot-based grind (to “bring endless strategic variation to combat”), and it does explain the never-ending dungeon grind.

We’ll learn more hopefully soon. Babylon’s Fall will enter a closed beta soon, and you can sign up here. The game will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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