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Batman: Arkham Knight On PC Crashes All The Time And Has A 30fps Lock

by Damian Seeto


Batman: Arkham Knight just came out on PC, and a lot of users are reporting the game crashes and is full of problems.

As reported by Gameunation, Batman: Arkham Knight for PC is a mess. A lot of people are reporting the game crashes all of the time and more.

The website says Batman: Arkham Knight for PC crashes several times during different periods. It could be during gameplay, while you change the settings, or even when you are trying to start playing the darn thing.

Forbes reported other problems with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC as well. Some gamers using AMD graphics cards may have trouble with the performance of the game.

Forbes also noted there is a 30fps lock on the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. PCs are capable of going higher than 30fps when needed. Nobody knows why a 30fps lock is required.

Lastly, there are a lot of Steam users reporting lots of problems with Batman: Arkham Knight. There are a lot of thumbs down for the PC version of the game so far. Pretty much most users complaining about crashes, performance issues and the stupid fps lock.

If you are thinking of buying Batman: Arkham Knight, get the PS4 or Xbox One version instead. If not, just wait for the PC version to release patches to fix all this mess.

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