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Batman: Arkham Origins Batcave won’t be found on GFWL

by William Schwartz


Batman: Arkham Origins was recently featured in an issue of GamesTM. The magazine relayed a bunch of stuff about the game that we already knew, but it did reveal that players would get the opportunity to explore the Batcave in Arkham Origins.

The lengthy preview can only be found in print, unless you can find a scan online. Subsequently, PC Games Germany uncovered a bunch of new screenshots for the game, some which include a first look at the Batcave.

It was also recently announced that Batman: Arkham Origins would be dropping its Games for Windows Live requirement of players, and would instead be switching over to Valve’s Steamworks to manage multiplayer aspects of the game, as well as achievements and other networking features.

Warner Bros. hasn’t announced anything as of yet, but this could open the door for other Steam exclusive content as well. Trading cards, cloud saves, and big picture support have become common for releases on Steam, it’s unclear what features Arkham Origins will and will not support on Steam.

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