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Battleborn Lead Writer Leaves Gearbox

by Mike Guarino


Battleborn has only been out for about a month now, but the game’s lead writer is already moving on to new things. Aaron Linde announced recently that he will be leaving the studio, and will then be pursuing a mysterious new project that he has not revealed yet.

Linde said on Twitter that “Tomorrow’s my last day at Gearbox. Absolutely love this team and am incredibly proud of the work we did together. Gonna be hauling back up to the pacific northwest in a week or so for an awesome opportunity I’ll talk more about soon. Ch-ch-changes.”

Outside of Battleborne, Linde was also involved with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor as a narrative design consultant with Monolith. That game went on to win several Game of the Year awards, with rumors suggesting that a sequel could be in the works with an announcement coming soon.

While Battleborn was generally well-received when it launched recently, it didn’t catch on nearly as much as some would have hoped. Gearbox dropped the game’s price just a few weeks after the game’s launch as a way to stop from being drowned out completely by Overwatch, though it has been a largely unsuccessful move. You can check out our review of Battleborn by clicking right here.

- This article was updated on:June 6th, 2016