Battlefield 2042 Finally Has In-Game Voice Chat After 6 Months

Squad-based gameplay.. Now with talking.

by Chris Park


A modern squad-based shooter launching without voice chat seems like a shortcoming expected of a low-budget entry into the genre, but it did in fact happen with the release of Battlefield 2042 last fall.  Relying instead on a ping system to direct teammates towards your objectives.  While that method was cumbersome, Battlefield 2042 is finally getting in-game voice chat with update 4.0.

Voice Chat is definitely one the major highlights of the big patch and it will allow you to chat in two separate channels.  Players will be able to select between Party Chat and Squad Chat while the settings for VoIP will be able to be adjusted via the Options/Sound/Voice/Chat sections of the menus while in game.

Can DICE recover from the early shortcomings of Battlefield 2042?

It’s been six long months since Battlefield 2042 released and voice chat is just one of the many complaints that Battlefield fans have had since launch.  While many have taken aim at things like the Specialist system, others have pointed at things like server instability and other in-game issues as things that make the game unenjoyable.

The launch of Update 4.0 for Battlefield 2042 is slated to arrive on April 19th and players will get their first taste of the new fixes and can decide whether to stick around or not.  In recent weeks, the user numbers on PC have went off a cliff for the title.  The game currently has over 2500 recent reviews of the game which have been overwhelmingly negative and over 100000 “Mostly Negative” reviews of the game since launch.  User reviews and critical reviews are low for the game as well. Over on Metacritic it doesn’t matter which platform you’re looking at, the user reviews on Battlefield 2042 range from the low 1’s to the mid 2’s out of 10.

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 could potentially be a spot for DICE to right some wrongs, we’ll have to see once the patch deploys on April 19th.

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