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Battlefield 2143 teased by DICE with BF3 Easter Egg

by William Schwartz

DICE may have already started teasing the future of the Battlefield franchise with a new Easter Egg discovered in BF3. Numerous YouTube Battlefield 3 players have uncovered what appears to be futuristic drop ship in the shooter.

The ship has markings that indicate it as a tease for Battlefield 2143. DICE has done its fair share of teasing with Battlefield 3 since 2011’s release. There were the dino-discoveries that indicated some sort of “Dino Mode” would be coming to the shooter, and apparently DICE just wants everyone to know that they’ve got a cupboard full of ideas brewing on the backburner.

Both videos arrive courtesy of the recently launched Battlefield 3 End Game Expansion.

Battlefield 2143 Tease

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