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Battlefield 3 Dedicated Servers a Priority on PC

by William Schwartz


Among all of the recent Battlefield 3 news, PC gamers can rejoice in the fact that the game will feature dedicated servers when the game launches this fall.  The inclusion of  dedicated servers in the game is a huge plus for the game.  Most recently games have started to deviate away from this, with Modern Warfare 2 setting a precedence just a short while ago.  Showing that it was not completely integral for a game’s success.  But any PC gamer can tell you that having dedicated servers makes the PC gaming experience much better than relying on the community for servers.  For the sheer reason that there is no standard to be upheld and service can be hit and miss.

If DICE is proving anything in the First Person Shooter Space, it’s that they are in tune with what gamer’s want.  And for PC gamers, this is a huge bonus.  Battlefield 3 was just recently announced officially, and given a tentative release window of Fall 2011.

Source: Gamesradar

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