Attack of the Fanboy

Battlefield 3 Outages a result of overwhelmed servers

by William Schwartz


If you’ve recently tried to log in and play Battlefield 3 or access the Battlelog, you may have found the services to be down. Apparently, there is “activity” going on that is aiming to take down DICE’s servers, and it’s working.

The Battlefield Twitter account recently explained the situation to fans. “The current BF3 and Battlelog outages are a result of activity that appears to be aimed at overwhelming our game servers.” “We will provide up to date information on our official channels, including the Battlefield Twitter account. Thank you for your patience.”

It’s unclear who is attempting to bring down the Battlefield servers or why they are doing it, but some speculation is wide ranging depending on where you look. Some think it’s just DICE’s way of winding down Battlefield 3, and the company is having internal hardware issues and/or are drawing back resources from the two year old game. While others think that the DDOS attack is the work of a group looking to teach Electronic Arts a lesson.

The outage comes to head just one day after EA announced that Battlefield Premium was a huge success for the company. In their most recent financials, EA said that they sold over 3.5 million Battlefield Premium subscriptions since it was released last year.

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