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Battlefield 4 Beta will not feature Commander Mode

by William Schwartz


Commander Mode will not be available for players to test out in the Battlefield 4 Beta.   In an update to players on the EA Support site, the publisher notified beta participants that the feature would not be available, but that DICE may be seen playing as Commander on live servers.

Per the EA Support article, “Commander Mode will be unavailable during the beta, but lucky, eagle-eyed players might catch a glimpse of DICE employees as Commanders on live servers.”   Those counting the hours for the Battlefield 4 Beta are understandably upset about not being able to try the highly anticipated feature, as voiced over on Reddit.

Just ahead of the Battlefield 4 Beta release, DICE recently also updated Battlelog.   Some new features that were recently implemented on the stat-tracking service for the shooter include invisible mode.

The Battlefield 4 Beta is set to go live for early-access on October 1st at 10am CET.   Later this week on October 4th, the beta will open to all on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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