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Battlefield 4 heads into beta this fall

by William Schwartz


The Battlefield 4 beta will begin this fall. A recent tweet from DICE’s Ian Tornay outed the window for its arrival. While some had speculated that the Battlefield 4 beta would arrive in the summer, it appears that this is not the case. While summer could certainly hold opportunities for Alpha testing, similar to Battlefield 3, the widespread beta test that will include purchasers of Medal of Honor won’t be until we get closer to the game’s projected October release.

“Excited thinking about all the cool, fun Battlefield 4 stuff we’ve got planned, leading up to the beta in the Fall and…beyond,” said Tornay via Twitter.

Over the weekend, numerous sources have discovered that Battlefield Premium members may be getting their hands on an exclusive beta. Battlefieldo postulates that this could either mean that two betas are due to arrive, or Premium members could get early access.

There’s been no shortage of Battlefield 4 news over the past couple of days. Three teasers got players ready for the upcoming reveal with the “Prepare for Battle” series, and more recently, a new set of artwork has been released that depict a female soldier, Shanghai, tanks, choppers, an aircraft carrier, and a more familiar, seemingly US soldier.

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