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Battlefield 4 issues persist following patch

by William Schwartz


Battlefield 4 fans are beginning to feel hopeless that DICE will ever get this game up to an acceptable level of quality. Following the release of a massive patch on PC, the online modes in Battlefield 4 have become literally unplayable for many.

A new respawn bug is preventing players from getting back into a game after being killed, forcing players to switch servers once they die. Furthermore, some players don’t even have the luxury of being to connect to a server at all. Possible fixes and tweaks to the PC configuration seem to be alleviating the problem for some users, but the end users are having a problem pinpointing the source of the issues. A common thread that some users have found is updating the Punkbuster files for Battlefield 4, but it doesn’t seem to working for everyone.

There are also widespread reports of a glitch that players are calling the “O HP Glitch”. There seems to be a problem with the game being able to calculate properly the HP of your opponent in the game’s killcam. Following a death, the Battlefield 4 Killcam shows that the other player had 0 HP.

Meanwhile, on the console side of things, Battlefield 4 has been improving with recent updates. The PlayStation 4 version doesn’t seem to be suffering from the widespread glitches that it once was, and the Xbox One version has significantly less problems than it did previously. Though PC has been DICE’s most passionate community for years, and for the game to be having this many problems three months after launch, is disheartening for many long time fans.

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