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Battlefield 4 Levolution can be positive and negative, says DICE

by William Schwartz


Battlefield 4 Levolution can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the make-up of your team, says DICE. In a recent release of multiplayer details, DICE elaborates on the Levolution features in Battlefield 4.

Levolution can be positive and negative depending on your strengths

“Levolution is an overarching design concept incorporating a lot of features both big and small, that all affect gameplay in some way. You’ve probably already seen what it can do to skyscrapers but it also includes features like changing weather conditions that affects visibility, car alarms and metal detectors alerting players of enemy presence, or the ability to completely shroud a building in darkness and take out the enemies within using your IRNV scopes…Levolution also ties into the team play aspect of the game.”

“Depending on your team strengths, collapsing the skyscraper on our E3 map “Siege of Shanghai” can be either a positive or a negative. When you’ve knocked out its four main pillars, the skyscraper will fall in a massive cloud of dust and debris, killing all players unfortunate to be trapped inside. The base that used to be capture point C at the very top of the skyscraper will now be found at ground level, amidst the jarring blocks of concrete and rubble. This new infantry battleground will be clouded by dust, making navigation hard and often seeing players switch to infrared night vision scopes or FLIR. What used to be sniper heaven and the ideal paradrop base has suddenly turned into a low-visibility close quarters combat arena. This is great if you’re all about infantry combat, but if you have a team of great pilots, you will probably want the skyscraper to stay intact.”

You can read the massive multiplayer preview over on the Battlefield blog, where DICE discusses Levolution, Perks, and other hot topics for BF4.

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