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Battlefield 4 is well positioned against Call of Duty: Ghosts, says EA

by William Schwartz


Will 2013 finally be the year that Battlefield surpasses Call of Duty? EA’s is sure hoping so, they’ve been fighting an uphill battle against Activision gargantuan sales leader for the majority of this generation, and believe that Battlefield 4 is “well-positioned” versus Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Will Battlefield dethrone Call of Duty? EA is excited about their chances

EA’s most recent quarterly earnings call had an upbeat tone for the company, who have a lot of hope in the Battlefield franchise, which was reinforced with a positive showing at E3 2013. At the worst, EA believes that they’ll be able to match the success of Battlefield 3 which hit a high water mark for the franchise, and managed to establish the Battlefield Premium service in the process.

“We’re excited about how we’re matching up against the competition and what the technology on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is going to enable us to do,” said EA’s Frank Gibeau in the investor report. We’ve already seen some impressive things out of DICE. The game’s “Levolution” features and a brand new Commander Mode have been high points for Battlefield fans. Furthermore, there will be less of a difference between the PC version of Battlefield 4 and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, with console players able to experience Battlefield at its fullest from the comfort of the couch.

There’s no doubt that Battlefield 4 will be a success for the company, but there are still a lot of variables up in the air. Namely, Battlefield Premium. Neither DICE nor EA has given any indication of what to expect in their next premium offering, but given the success of their first go with the program, it will be returning.

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