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Battlefield 4 could see the return of Metro and Caspian Border maps in DLC

by William Schwartz


It’s no secret that DICE will be using the Battlefield 4:  Second Assault Expansion Pack  as a delivery method for popular Battlefield 3 Maps.  The Second Assault Expansion will be a timed Xbox One exclusive, and will feature four fan-favorite maps, and will be redesigned to take advantage of the Frostbite 3 engine and new multiplayer features in Battlefield 4.

On the Battlefield 4 Reddit page, there’s currently a conversation going on about the downloadable content.  What maps will arrive in the BF4 Second Assault?  Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer at DICE is actively participating in the conversation.  Kertz says that we’ll likely be seeing Operation Metro and Caspian Border in the Second Assault DLC, as they are “runaway favorites”.

Not all Battlefield fans are agreement.  What maps do you think should return from Battlefield 3 in the Second Assault DLC?  Me?  Oh, I’ll take Grand Bazaar, Damavand Peak, NoShahr, and Tehran Highway.    But that list would change if we’re including expansions and previous BF games.  Let us know in the comments section, below.

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