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Battlefield 4 to be revealed this month

by William Schwartz


Battlefield 4 will likely be revealed this month, and EA will once again use the Game Developers Conference as the launching pad for their new shooter. Much like they did with Battlefield 3, EA will host a private event in San Francisco during the conference, to unveil the new game to media and attendees.

Invitations began going out last week for the event, which is slated for March 26th, 2013. While the invite does not explicitly indicate that the reveal is Battlefield related, it might as well should have.  It could very well follow suit with the marketing schedule of Battlefield 3, which saw a similar event during GDC ’11.

If it does follow this schedule, we very well may see our first glimpse of Battlefield 4 prior to this event.  In 2011 we got our first taste of Battlefield 3 ahead of the scheduled press event.  Could DICE be readying a reveal for later this month?  Recently, the Battlefield team began saying its farewells to Battlefield 3, explaining that development is over for that shooter with the launch of “End Game” on the PlayStation 3.

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