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Battlefield 4 rumors suggest the return of Commander Mode

by William Schwartz


GameStop promotional material for Battlefield 4 suggests that the popular Commander Mode will return for the shooter, as well as the ability to play three different factions in multiplayer. Commander Mode was one of the big features that Battlefield fans sorely missed with the release of Battlefield 3. The mode gives one player per team the ability to tactically lead their forces by controlling things like vehicle drops, supply drops, and artillery strikes.

The leaked marketing material also suggests that Battlefield 4 will now feature three playable factions in multiplayer. If the leak is true, players will have the ability to play as US, Russian, and Chinese forces in the popular online mode.

With EA having trouble confirming even a concrete release date, we likely won’t get a straight answer from them about these rumored features. If history repeats itself, we’ll likely get our first look at Battlefield 4 multiplayer by the time that E3 2013 rolls around, at the earliest.

Battlefield 4 is rumored for release in late-October.

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