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Battlefield 5 Reveal Stream is Live with the History of Battlefield; BF 2142 Mysteriously Absent

by Kyle Hanson


Today is the big day for Battlefield fans as EA and DICE pull back the curtain on Battlefield 5, or whatever the next game in the series will end up being called. The full blown reveal is set to occur at 4pm Eastern Time, but for the next few hours DICE has a pre-show livestream going on. The pre-show looks to go back in time, going over the “History of Battlefield”. However, some games are mysteriously missing from this history.

The current schedule of games, with a new one showing up every hour is Battlefield 1942, BF 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield Hardline, and Battlefield 4. Some games that are missing here make sense, there’s not much need to show off the first Bad Company game, when you have the second one there for fans to enjoy. However, one game that has been linked to BF 5 is a very big omissions.

Battlefield 2142, the futuristic scifi shooter that saw the series take massive new steps is nowhere to be found in this pre-show stream. What could this mean? Well, unfortunately it could mean any number of things, many of which are totally contradictory. With fans already speculating that Battlefield 5 will be a return to the future, a 2143 sequel if you will, it’s omission from this stream could be DICE not trying to give the game away. Alternatively, it could be skipped due to it having nothing at all to do with the final BF 5 experience.

The Battlefield 5 reveal stream is now live, going over the history of the series, we’ll find out how this whole thing turns out in a few hours, so keep checking back for more news throughout the day.

Battlefield 5 Reveal Stream

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