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Battlefield 6 Will Be Revealed in June, According to Official Twitter

The highly-anticipated next entry will grace our screens soon.


Battlefield is a series that, while experiencing its fair share of criticism among the gaming community in the past, has proven to be a formidable gaming series that’s here to stay. You just can’t beat its sheer scale and epic moments through many other games if at all. With a series held in high regard like Battlefield, players have no doubt been excited about the idea of a sequel. And now, as per the official Battlefield Twitter account, we’ll be getting a look at Battlefield 6 very soon. Posted today, the team will be revealing the next Battlefield title next month, likely as part of the slew of E3 announcements. You can find the Tweet below.

The idea of a new Battlefield is rather exciting. The latest title in the series, Battlefield V, wasn’t seen as incredibly great by many, but still was thoroughly enjoyed and had some absolutely stunning visuals. The prospects of realistic warfare were, needless to say, beautifully shown through its lush environments. If Battlefield 6 continues that trend, however, the game may be. There have been some rumors as of recent though which do give us an inclination as to what to expect though.

Note: The following paragraph is entirely rumor-based as of writing. Take anything said with a grain of salt.

According to these rumors, Battlefield 6 will take place during a potential World War III, featuring the United States and Russians battling it out once again similar to the events of Battlefield 3. It will also feature up to 128 player battles, with 64 player battles on current-gen consoles due to their technical limitations. It will supposedly also include all sorts of dynamic weather, changing up the battlefield significantly (yeah I know, that’s the 7000th time you’ve heard that pun). There have even been rumors of a remaster of Battlefield 3 alongside it, something I’d be particularly excited about. Keep in mind once again though that none of this is confirmed.

Overall, are you excited about the upcoming title? Or did Battlefield V leave a sour taste in your mouth? Let me know!

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