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Battlefield Hardline To Be Stable At Launch, Plus PC Version Praised

by Damian Seeto


Visceral Games has highlighted the many features PC gamers can experience while playing Battlefield Hardline. They also promise the game will be stable at launch.

Battlefield Hardline’s gameplay systems producer, Mike Glosecki, revealed in a blog post the kind of advantages the PC version of the game will have over the console versions. He also is confident the game won’t suffer the same server problems as Battlefield 4.

He explained the PC version of Battlefield Hardline was made alongside the console versions. This was done to take full advantage of “graphics, framerate and controls“. He also stressed the PC version wasn’t just a port from the console versions.

Glosecki also said the PC version of Battlefield Hardline will allow gamers to play the game at a resolution above 1080p. You can also play the game higher than 60fps and on a three monitor setup. He also said the keyboard and mouse setup is the best way to play a first-person shooter.

He admitted that Battlefield 4’s launch was “less than stellar” and promises that Battlefield Hardline will not suffer the same issues. Visceral Games has had the game’s multiplayer environment up and running for over two years he claims. It was also stressed that the game already had two betas and the servers were stable for both of them.

There’s no doubt the PC version of Battlefield Hardline will be pretty. The stable servers is something we can only find out until the game officially comes out next month.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018