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Bayonetta 2 Will Have Exclusive Features on Nintendo Switch

by Jose Belmonte


Nintendo Switch users only have to wait about a month in order to play Bayonetta 1 and 2 on their console, and in order to make them even more excited, Nintendo has revealed some new features of the sequel that will be exclusive to this new version. They include new touch controls, local multiplayer for the game’s Tag Climax mode, and compatibility with amiibo figures.

The information has been posted on the game’s official UK website, where a section named Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version reveals that the Tag Climax mode will be available to play in both online and local multiplayer. It also reveals that players will be able to unlock some extras like costumes, weapons, and more through the use of some selected amiibo figures. It is expected that this serves to obtain extras from the first game, which can be unclocked through the game anyway, but people who purchase the amiibo will have it easier.

Nintendo has also confirmed that the game will include a new touch control system, usable during the whole adventure, in order to make the experience more accessible to those unfamiliar with this kind of thrilling action experiences. This sounds like a nice addition, although we will wait and see how these controls are implemented and how they affect the experience and overall enoyment of the game.

Bayonetta 1 and 2 launch for Nintendo Switch on February 16.

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