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Bayonetta 2 Has Odd Pre-order Bonus For Japan

by Damian Seeto


If you want to pre-order Bayonetta 2 from Amazon Japan, you will get an item that has never been offered in video game history.

Normally pre-order bonuses give you something cool. In some games you may get special items or even an additional level for you to play in. Others may give you something tangible like an action figure or even a t-shirt and so forth.


If you pre-order Bayonetta 2 from Amazon Japan, they will be giving you nothing but a cleaning cloth. This cleaning cloth just features the same image that is on the box-art for the game itself. It’s odd you would get a cleaning cloth of all things as a pre-order bonus for a video game. Not to mention if you like the image on the cloth, you won’t be using it to clean dirty things. It would the image on the cloth itself.

The only thing I think this could be useful is to occasionally use it to clean your Wii U and your gaming devices. Just in case your hands get a bit grubby and sweaty if you plan on playing video game in the Summer or something.

Anyway, Bayonetta 2 is released in North America and Europe in October. I’m pretty sure Western retailers are not giving away a pre-order like this…

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