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Beat Saber Coming to PSVR this November

VR's best music/rhythm game heads to PSVR

by Kyle Hanson


As VR gaming has grown over the last few years we’ve seen a couple of truly standout titles. Job Simulator helped new players get their feet wet in this new gaming medium, Raw Data showed where the tech is heading, and Beat Saber proved that music/rhythm titles could really shine in VR. Unfortunately Beat Saber was exclusive to PC since launch, but that is changing in just under two weeks. Beat Saber hits PSVR on November 20th.

Beat Saber became a bit of a viral phenomenon thanks to its gameplay gimmick. Like most music games, you have to move to the beat, in this case striking floating boxes that tell you which hand to use and which direction to swing. What you’re swinging is the coolest part, featuring lightsabers of sorts (please don’t shut this game down Disney).

Featuring a stellar exclusive soundtrack, the game became an instant hit on PC and the team promised they were heading to PSVR as soon as they could. They’ve now fulfilled that promise, or will in the coming weeks. The PS4 release will also come with some bonuses, such as five new songs.

This is easily one of the best VR games out there, and it’s a big addition to PSVR’s growing library.

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