Best Buy Gamer’s Club Unlocked Membership Now Only $30

by Dean James

Best Buy is one of the top retailers for video games and as a result, they implemented their Gamer’s Club Unlocked program in the last few years. Offering at a very steep $99.99 for a two-year membership, many consumers stayed away from this program upon the changeover, but in recent months there have been numerous sales for as low as $30, or even less with some workarounds. Best Buy must have seen the demand at this price point, because it has been revealed that they are officially lowering the price to $30 for a two-year membership.

For anybody that buys games even decently often, this is a fantastic deal that you have to take advantage of when the price drops beginning on March 8. The biggest aspect of this membership is that you will save 20% on all new video game software, but the full rundown of features can be found below:

  • 20% off new video game software
  • 10% bonus trade-in credit
  • 10% pre-owned games
  • One time use buy two, get one free coupon
  • One time use 50% off strategy guide coupon

Considering you will save $12 on every $60 game purchase, you would more than make up your money spent on only three games. The 20% off also works on items like amiibo for the collectors out there, which makes them only $10.39 each instead of $12.99.

This new price point is said to start on March 8 and will now be able to be signed up for online, so make sure to wait a few days before doing so to make it easier and cheaper.