Attack of the Fanboy

#BetterPSN Campaign Pushes Sony to improve PSN Features and Stability

by Kyle Hanson


Twitter and other social networks have begun lighting up with a new fan campaign that aims to get the attention of Sony, hoping to force them to improve their PlayStation Network experience. #BetterPSN has surged over the last few hours, with fans upset about recent outages, as well as long-standing issues with PSN.

Searching on Twitter will find hundreds, if not thousands of users calling for various changes to be made to PSN. Some of these people just want a more stable experience, with less unplanned outages. Others are asking for features that they feel are necessary to improve the PlayStation online experience.

A #BetterPSN website has been created to track the campaign, linking to the top grievances that fans have. These include giving people the ability to set their own online or offline status, enhancing the user profile page, improving the trophy syncing feature, and increasing the size of the cloud game save storage.

Tweets include “Store that actually loads, better organization for library/download history, two-step verification.” “Last night I wanted to play @CallofDuty AW but PSN was down & no players were online.” “U need to add a down loads list of games we have purchased, like the PS3 did. I’m not sure why this is absent.” Among many, many others.

Most users though seem to just want a better service in general, with multiple issues causing outrage at the fact that the once free service is now a part of the PlayStation Plus membership. Gamers want an online network that won’t go down often, and has the social features necessary to connect with other players. If this campaign can convince Sony to make some changes it will be pretty interesting to see how it turns out.

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