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Bioware Is Holding A Contest To Win A Voice Role In Mass Effect: Andromeda

by Dean James


The Mass Effect franchise has been on hiatus ever since the conclusion of the game’s first trilogy, but the next entry is set to arrive in early 2017 with Mass Effect: Andromeda. We still really don’t know all that much about the game, but Bioware is currently holding a contest that can let you possibly be a part of the actual game.

Bioware is holding what they are calling the Explorers Wanted contest, which is trying to fill minor voice roles in Mass Effect: Andromeda. This isn’t a random contest where you just fill out a form and enter, but rather something a little more involved.

By going to the Bioware blog, you can download two different scripts for the game, which you are then tasked to record yourself reading and submit to [email protected]. You can choose which of the two scripts you wish to record, and the recording can be either audio or video. The contest specifies that you do not need to worry about accents, makeup, costume, or props, as your natural voice is all they are looking for here.

For those interested, this contest will be running through September 26 at 6:59 am GMT, which will be judged by a panel at Bioware. The winner will then be informed by November 30.

The winner will get flown out to one of Bioware’s recording studios and put up in a hotel for two nights while they record, so this sounds like quite the experience. If you want to enter, check out the video by Bioware below and make sure not to miss the deadline.

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