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Black Friday 2017 Biggest in PlayStation History

by William Schwartz


Sony sold more consoles on Black Friday 2017 than they ever have in the history of the brand, according to a recent interview with Eric Lempel.  PlayStation’s head of the PlayStation Network claims that the company achieved record sales during the shopping holiday that falls the day after Thanksgiving.

Sony had numerous deals for shoppers to take as they slashed the prices on the PlayStation 4 Base Model, the PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation VR by up to $100 in some cases (PS4 & PSVR).

“The PlayStation 4 business is thriving,” claims Lempel and that “the majority” of Sony’s recent profits, which were up sharply, were because of the PlayStation business.

While we don’t have sales figures from Microsoft or Nintendo, or exact figures from Sony themselves, their record setting year was likely fueled by the steep discounts that were given to consumers.  Microsoft also had discounts on the Xbox One family of consoles.  There were numerous deals to be found that saw the Xbox One priced as low as $190 without any games and $200 with the popular shooter, Battlefield 1.  Meanwhile, the Xbox One X, did not see steep price cuts as the console has been harder to come by and with limited supply demand at its asking price of $499 held firm for the most part.

Nintendo was in a similar situation.  Since release, the Nintendo Switch has been a hard console to come by, but Nintendo has been selling all that they can make.  In a turnaround year for Nintendo home consoles, the Nintendo Switch has seen constant demand since its release and that demand wasn’t likely on hold during the biggest shopping day of the year.

We’ll likely have a clear picture as to who “won” Black Friday between the big three when NPD releases their November data next month.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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