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Blizzard takes on StarCraft II hackers


Cheats and hacks are as much a part of gaming as high end TVs and Hot Pockets, going all the way back to the days of the Konami code. And once again Blizzard it taking it to those that create and sell hacks for their games by unleashing their cadre of lawyers on them.

“Defendants are well aware that they do not have any license, right, or authority,” says Blizzard

The lawsuit filed on April 19 in California specifically targets those responsible for the ValiantChaos MapHack, a StarCraft II hack that allows users a number of advantages and is quite difficult to detect. Blizzard is seeking damages, any profits made from the hack, an injunction against further business, and legal fees. Blizzard is going for the proverbial jugular on this one.

That being said, Blizzard doesn’t actually know who they’re suing yet, just that the EULA has potentially been violated in a fashion they believe has damaged the game.

One would hope that anyone who creates, distributes, uses, or profits from hacks like this know that they’re riding in dicey legal waters. This exactly the kind of thing usually covered off by the beast of an EULA you have sign before playing StarCraft II or any other Blizzard game. If you haven’t read it yet, you might consider giving it a quick glance, particularly if you’re wondering if you’re crossing the line from modding to hacking. FYI: one gets a retweet from Blizzard, the other gets a cease and desist.

I wonder if Blizzard’s lawyers play Protoss…

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